For the attention of Students!


Due to the danger of the spread of the new corona virus and the declaration of a state of emergency in the country, Millennium High School Ltd. has switched to the online teaching method.   

   The so-called Distance (online) lectures start from April 06.  

  To get involved in this process, we offer zoom “instruction” (see the link Which was sent to all our students, academic and invited staff through the e-learning management system.   Use the teacher / lecture ID (indicated in the table of each training course) to engage in distance learning;  The table of distance learning and other relevant data is posted on the main page of the website of the  ( in the section “Online lectures”

   In case of a technical problem, contact the IT department of the higher education institution:                               Miriani 598 08 08 07  

  Good luck!


Remote (online) Training table 

Table 06.04.2020-10.07.2020



May 09, May 12 and May 26 are the days of vacation (non-working) in the country’s legislation and therefore distance learning will not be held.