Ltd. Teaching University Millennium

Approved by the Minutes of the Academic Council of

the Ltd. Teaching University Millennium

 on November 26, 2021, N1



Millennium 2027 is a modern European-style, highly trusted and recognized academic space that provides equal opportunities for higher education for local and international students, with actual applied research and a variety of services, it serves the development of civil society, the integration of academic, administrative staff and students in the global educational and scientific environment.



Ltd. – Teaching University Millennium Mission is to provide higher education in the interests of local and international students in the fields of medicine, business and social sciences; Realize the maximum opportunities of students and academic staff with the best international experience; Creating an optimal environment for teaching and research, fostering a multicultural, education-oriented and education-based civil society.



The University is primarily guided by the best interests of those involved in the learning process and conducts its activities based on the following values:

·       Commitment to disseminating knowledge based on best international and local experience;

·       Ensuring autonomy and academic freedom in the teaching-learning and research process;

·       Respect for multicultural traditions and values;

·        Sharing advanced international experience in teaching, pedagogy, research and management practices;

·       Protecting the rights and freedoms of students and academic staff.

·       Objectivity: The evaluations we establish and carry out eliminate the bias of the persons participating in the evaluation as much as possible.

·       Transparency: Our visions and values are publicly available and known in advance to all parties. Publicity of information about the activities of the University is ensured.

·        Impartiality: We ensure that the decisions made by the University are in line with applicable law and take into account the best interests of stakeholders.

·       Collaboration: We are open to cooperation with stakeholders. We constructively discuss innovations, proposals, different positions and are focused on problem solving.

·        Development and Innovation: We systematically evaluate our activities and based on the evaluation results, we plan innovative ways of development.