Millennium High School Ltd. is an educational institution that implements undergraduate programs with modern teaching and learning methods to train critically-minded, competitive and motivated qualified specialists to meet the changing needs of the changing local and international labor market. The institution promotes continuous
Ensuring education and the establishment of a civil society of liberal values.

The goal
Millennium High School Ltd. aims to provide society
With qualified and broad worldview footage.

Millennium High School Ltd. is a modern European type of academic space until 2025, which provides equal opportunities for local and foreign students through educational programs, topical research / projects and a variety of services. . Effective management and quality assurance mechanisms have been introduced; The stability of the institution is ensured
And the organization is consistently responding to the challenges it faces.

• Supporting human rights, freedom and the rule of law;
• Observance of universally declared norms and principles of ethics;
• Environmental protection and reasonable use of resources;
• Obligation to implement and disseminate knowledge;
• Establishing friendly relations with the international community and
Their respect for multicultural values;
• Combining auditory education with real-world experience
By developing practical skills;
• Close relations with the public and private sectors, non-governmental
With organizations.