Today, when the internationalization of education is of particular importance, overcoming new challenges in the field of education, the High School Millennium further deepens international cooperation and creates an attractive learning environment for 21st century students. Our high school does not have a long history of existence, but during this period, a team of young professionals managed to gain the support of European and Asian state universities, educational and scientific centers, and created a completely new platform for learning and teaching. The results of numerous surveys and studies on the mechanisms of attracting foreign students, deepening international cooperation and internationalization of education have helped us to raise the awareness of our higher education institution in the international educational space, as well as to gain the trust of foreign students and colleagues.

None of the memoranda, which deal with cooperation with foreign universities and institutes, involve merely expressing mutual respect and the possibility of close cooperation in the future.

As soon as all the memorandums of understanding on cooperation with foreign partners are signed, the parties will take concrete steps, which will undoubtedly be reflected:

On the creation of a modern learning environment,
To increase the qualification of academic staff abroad,
Involvement of students in international projects (including the Erasmus + program),
Joint scientific articles,
At public lectures and presentations conducted by foreign colleagues,
The editorial board of the international scientific journal “Erudite” published under the auspices of the higher education institution, which is staffed with foreign colleagues,
Direct involvement of the academic staff of partner universities in the process of evaluation without study programs,
On the election of our academic staff as members of the Scientific-Editorial Board of Foreign Language Scientific Publications,
At international conferences, granting the right to represent foreign institutions in Georgia to our academic staff, etc.
Yes, we can be proud of our forms of international cooperation and our foreign partners, including:

  • Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University;


  • State University, located in Logrono, La Rioja, Spain;
  • School of Law, UK;
  •  University of LODZ.
  •  UDIMA The Distance University of Madrid;