Department of Health

·       We have selected the most effective form of structural organization of the faculty.

·       We have not singled out separate areas for schools and thus made each of them equally priority and important, we have simplified the hierarchy of powers across the faculty, thus facilitating timely response to student demands and fruitful work with them.

·       All educational programs at the faculty are designed taking into account the reality of what kind of education young people want to receive, what is their demand in relation to specific professions.

·       It is noteworthy that the professors of our partner universities take part in the process of developing and evaluating educational programs, information about international cooperation can be found at the link related to business relations with international partners.

·       Our higher education institution offers Georgian language courses to foreign students, which give them the opportunity to continue their studies at our faculty in different directions.

The faculty pays special attention to the internship component, the simulated courtroom, the creative business lab student space, the auditoriums equipped with the latest computer equipment give the student the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on the ground.

·       All our auditoriums are equipped with modern technical means, which is one of the important factors in providing the latest forms of teaching.

·       The faculty is interested in working with teachers with highly practical experience, promoting the scientific-research activity of the academic staff, promoting the qualification of lecturers and promoting the academic staff based on their achievements.