I have always realized and mastered the idea that the path of development and European integration of our country goes through education, support of scientific-pedagogical activities and ensuring the matching of mental and intellectual abilities with modern challenges.

That is why our higher education institution has implemented a number of interesting reforms in the last few years based on international and national legislation, taking into account the recommendations and instructions of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia, with the help of Georgian and foreign experts in education, Creating a real, up-to-date platform for receiving quality, European-level education

Our team is constantly researching the labor market, establishing business relationships and working closely with potential employers, conducting intensive surveys of entrants and students. Which creates a clear picture of young people’s perceptions of the sustainability of modern teaching and learning, the most demanded professions, student services, the acceptable tax system related to tuition fees, the practical component in various directions.

With updated missions and approaches, we offer a whole new environment where, first and foremost, students’ expectations of higher education are matched by post-graduate outcomes; We have an electronic evaluation system. Intercultural dialogue between Georgian and foreign students is developing, various forms of non-formal education of students are supported, we constantly take care of the academic-research activities of the academic staff and the civic-creative activity of the students.

In order to improve international relations and internationalize education, we do not limit ourselves to memoranda of understanding with foreign universities and institutes; Each agreement is followed by specific steps that increase our awareness and make the learning environment we offer more attractive.

Of course, our efforts are primarily focused on the student, the upbringing of healthy and educated generations. However, our focus is on the constant development of highly qualified academic and administrative staff, creating a suitable and modern work environment for them.

On behalf of Higher education institution Millennium , students are openly and actively involved in all processes. We are proud of the direct involvement of our foreign partners in the evaluation and development of a variety of educational programs.

As the Founder and Rector of Higher education institution Millennium, I am proud of my team, which stands for the interests of students focused on learning, development and employment and creates all the conditions for Higher Education to proudly and fully prepare for the challenges of the 21st century.

I promise our and prospective students that I will remain faithful to all the conditions given to them.

Thank you to all the students and entrants (as well as prospective entrants) for getting a real education for choosing Higher education institution Millennium!


Mariam Meskhishvili-Efadze